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An Initiative Towards Change

A new day brings new dreams, goals and opportunities. It acts as a new chance to improve life, fix mistakes and chase new dreams… NOW imagine if new day was just another day of isolation, discrimination and obstacles. What if you cannot visit your friends, relatives and other places that most people enjoy because of lack of access and transportation? Someone out there is living a life just like that and we have the power to change their life!

People with disabilities have to overcome many obstacles because of physical, cognitive, intellectual and developmental impairments. One of the barriers that affect lives of people with disabilities includes lack of access to public transportation and facilities. Not all facilities have automatic doors and wheelchair ramps for someone with mobility impairments. Individuals with disabilities encounter many obstacles in the built environment thus making travelling difficult for them. Another thing to note is unemployment rates are high amongst people with disabilities in spite of having the required skills and education. It is now time to make a long-lasting impact that will change the lives of people with disabilities forever.

The change that will end transportation barriers encountered by people with disabilities begins with awareness. There is a need to educate and raise awareness regarding inadequate transportation and obstacles in the built environment. Transportation planners should consider mobility needs for range of travelers with disabilities and ensure these individuals have access to transportation and facilities. Furthermore, in order to lower the unemployment rate for people with disabilities, we need to educate employers that people with disabilities have the potential and skills to excel in the work environment. Let’s take the initiative to make a positive impact on the lives of people with disabilities!

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