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ATI Foundation stands for, “Annai Thantha Illam”, which is a Tamil phrase that translates literally to “a home provided by the mother”. Our goal is to provide the same level of care, support, and services for our clients that is provided from our own mothers. We are a nonprofit cross-disability organization that empowers Canadian Tamils with disabilities to realize their potential and achieve their goals. Our mission has continued to be focused on providing a nexus of support for both the Canadian Tamils, who face challenges with intellectual and physical conditions, but also their caregivers, who are often in need of respite and supportive care.  Parents of children with special needs tend to be faced with endless bombardment of challenges from societal isolation, financial strain, difficulty finding resources, to outright feelings of being burnt out, especially in a community with cultural and language issues that may hamper access to community services. We hope to continue developing programs and initiatives that help minimize these systematic barriers.   

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